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sensation! just peeked backstage at fashion week & the new look is half a dinosaur egg shell on your head, like a hat. pass me my blog


method to stop smoking: the cigarette is taped to a ceiling fan and the fan is on. you’re not allowed to turn the fan off or use a ladder


cops SEEM tough but they all have the same attack moves (gun, nightstick) & type (Fighting) so can be easily defeated with the right combination of pokemon


welcome to the 420th hunger games, kushniss everdank

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My aunts neighbor has baby goats and he put the cutest little sweaters on them ever and all I want to do is cuddle with them forever and ever okay?

dream girl


ignore unnecessary negativity. like “you’re too old to go in the inflatable bouncy castle”. don’t listen to things like that. don’t let them control your life. go into that inflatable castle. bounce around all you want. stare intently at the person who told you you couldn’t go in. while bouncing around. the whole time

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