L’appel du vide
L’appel du vide


reblog this if you are a sack of flesh with temporary consciousness on a tiny rock flying through space

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oh yeah, with the new size limit for .gifs this thing can finally be posted

what the fuck

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You are my favorite strain of weed. You are so cute and you have so many crystals. I just want to grind you up and smoke you and then drink the water that you passed through as I was smoking you. It tastes just like you and it makes me strong.

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It’s a new show called “Hi, I’m Mario Batali And This Is My Nightmare.” It’s twenty-two minutes of Mario Batali talking about the horrific nightmares that he regularly has. Sometimes there would be actors portraying the scenes he is describing, but to be honest, most of it is far too terrifying…

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You are a comfortable bed and I am very tired.

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Wipe away your tears with your bulging muscles. 

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